The days are gone when grout was just something functional you used to hold tiles in place. Grout is a serious consideration in the overall aesthetic of not only the tile work itself, but for every room in the house as well as exterior landscapes. In fact, colored grout and tiles can be used to define entire rooms of a house. The Tile Doctor is a leader in the designer grout industry, offering the widest color selection of safe, non-toxic designer grouts in the industry. We believe in bringing you the products that let you run wild with your imagination and turn your home into a reflection of who you are. Let’s take a look at some great ways you can use our Starlike Grout.

The Teal Feel: The color teal was actually named after the color found around the eyes of a common teal, which is a member of the duck family. Teal is a beautiful color that can really highlight colors that are less explosive and bold. White or gray, for instance, can really stand out with teal highlights, making teal-colored grout an excellent choice. The great thing about teal is that you can find it in shades that range from a very light teal blue or green to darker variations. Teal is an excellent accent for more subdued colors and can work equally well on a kitchen backsplash, in the bathroom, or in other rooms. It’s also a great color for outdoor tile work around a swimming pool because the color really highlights the aquatic aspect of the design.

Image of Light Tiles with Teal Blue Grout

True Blue: Blue is an awesome color choice for grout when you’ve got tile work around a pool or sauna, in the shower, or even for an entire bathroom. Whether you go with a light blue and a very stark tile pattern, or you want to try combining blue tiles with a different color blue for the grout, you can come up with some great designs using blue as the focal point. This example shows a room designed with an old-school feel using a more modern color scheme. The tiles are off white and textured and the grout is a very light, almost powder blue. The tiles themselves would be plain without the grout bordering them and really making them stand out. The mirror and solid blue background on the backsplash are the focal point and the choice of color for the grout doesn’t detract from the design at all. Instead, it makes a lovely foil for the design. Try to imagine this same design with a plain white or gray grout. It wouldn’t create the same impact.

Picture of White Tiles with Blue Design Grout
Shades of Dark and Light: Now here’s a drastic statement. The dark tiles in this bathroom create a very modern look, making the older model tub a cool feature. The use of a lighter colored grout really lets the dark tiles dominate, but it also helps create a break in the dark appearance. A darker grout here would not have worked. It could have made the room feel too claustrophobic. That’s one of the really nice things about using color grout; you can come up with combinations of grout and tile that give a room a distinct personality. This could have been done in just the opposite, with light tiles and a darker grout, which would have given the bathroom an entirely different, but just as distinct, personality.

Picture of Black Tiles with Golden Design Grout Lines

Bright White: This design on the image below is extremely subtle, with the tiles taking over the design, set with a blue grout. The real highlights here come in the decorations you’ll place in the room, which could be almost any color because the tiles are white, and the grout here is royal blue, but with the white tile, the color of the grout can become the color element that set the tone for the décor. The white tiles leave room for you to stage the bathroom any way you like. Regardless of the décor choices you make, this light tile and dark grout combo will work well with them.

Picture of Bright White Tiles with Light Blue Design Grout Color
Orange Sensation: The bathroom design on the image is outstanding. Using an orange patterned backsplash, bronze grout as an accent, dark tiles, and some gray and white to extend the presentation, this bathroom really makes a statement. The “old fashioned” tub with the bold and old color scheme of the grout and tiles gives you a harmonious balance between old and new. This is just one of the ways designer grout can be used to pull an entire room together and make a personal statement about you that leaves no doubt about your personality.

Picture of a Bathroom with Orange Tiles and Bronze Design Grout
Red-Hot: Don’t overlook a really hot red when you’re thinking about the color of the grout and the style of tiles you want to use. Red, particularly when it’s bright, can be a pretty bold color to work with. Red grout used in conjunction with more subtle tile colors, like off-white or gray, can really turn your tile wall or backsplash into a room feature. Even if you want to go with bold marron or red tiles, however, you can still use lighter shades of red to offset darker tiles or tiles with patterns. Red grout and darker tiles can also be a great choice for a modern bathroom equipped with gold fixtures.

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Image of Red Grout Used in Conjunction with More Subtle Tile Colors

Finding Creative Ways to Make Grout Shout

Let the interior designer in you take over. Draw up some plans, look at lots of pictures, and when you’re ready to create a tile project for any room in your house or a landscaping project, turn to the Tile Doctor for the best, most superior designer grout on the market. The trend today, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down, is using grout for more than just its intended purpose. The trend, especially if you watch HGTV, all about using grout as a fashion statement. It’s one of the simplest ways to elevate your designs, and with The Tile Doctor’s Starlike Grout color collections, you can bring all your tile projects to fruition the way you see them. With over 159 colors to choose from.

The Tile Doctor brings you exclusive color collections like the Starlike Classic Grout Collection (classic look colors), Starlike Glamour Grout Colors (for the more modern you), the Starlike Metallic Grout Collection (great classic metal colors), or dazzling Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels that come in a variety of popular jewel colors to really bring sparkle to your tile projects. Our Starlike epoxy grout is the finest grout on the market, offering the widest range of color choices anywhere. The Tile Doctor has the colors you need and the quality you demand. You can even try Starlike Crystal Glass Grout, perfect for glass tile installations. Starlike Crystal Glass Grout is a translucent grout made up of tiny hollow glass beads that force light to reflect and refract, really bringing out the beauty and color of your glass tiles. This grout takes on the hues of the tiles when the tile is colored all the way through, highlighting the best visual elements of the installation and giving it an exceptional aesthetic appeal.

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive North American distributor for Litokol Starlike Grout, the world’s leader in boutique grout and grout products. Litokol grouting products are widely used and well-respected around the world for both quality and performance, as well as the stunning aesthetic value this epoxy grout brings to the industry. Besides being fashionable and functional, Starlike Grout is the safest, highest-quality, and most versatile grout on the market, using no harmful chemicals and posing no threat to installers, your family, or to the environment.

Bring your designs to life with designer Starlike Grout from the Tile Doctor. Whether you want to create a classic feel with warm colors and tones or a more modern feel that features metallic, glitter, and a dazzling jewel appeal, we have what you’re looking for.

There is no better way to make your tile installations stand out than with the Tile Doctor’s Starlike epoxy grout and grouting products. For more information about our available colors, browse our site and find the designer grout colors you’re looking for to make your next tile installation project pop.

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