Bleach is a common cleaning agent that has been around for and in use as a cleaning agent for generations. Although the safety of bleach has been called in question many times, it still remains one of the most frequently used components of everyday cleaning routines for millions of Americans. According to the Department of Health, bleach can irritate mucous membranes or irritate the skin and cause issues with the airway. Bleach, when over-used in laundry, can fade clothes. Bleach is used to strip color from hair. Bleach has been used in many instances as a whitening agent. In fact, its ability to whiten is what makes it a popular cleaning choice, but are there times when using bleach can cause more damage than good? America is actually the only country that frequently uses bleach. Many other countries use safer methods for the same tasks.

Cleaning With Bleach

Will Bleach Discolor Grout?

Grout is used to fill the joints between tiles, keep them from grinding against one another, and to help keep out moisture. Grout is also used as a decorative element. Some brands of epoxy grout, such as Starlike grout from the Tile Doctor, come in many colors and textures, allowing for a range of design possibilities. For this reason, it is essential that the color of the grout remains intact.

Floors and tiles, of course, need to be cleaned on a regular basis. When the need arises, many people reach for the bleach, assuming that’s the most effective way to get the job done. When this happens, you risk causing damage to the color of your grout. That’s because bleach can fade or discolor grout. According to Do It Yourself and the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), cleaning your grout with bleach can cause the color to fade over time, giving it a dull appearance. A number of home improvement web sites immediately recommend choosing something other than bleach to clean grout. In fact, the very property that makes bleach a first choice for many (its ability to remove stains and whiten) is what makes it a bad choice for cleaning grout.

Bleach can Discolor Grout
The TCNA goes on to recommend against using oil-based cleaners and soap-based cleaners because they can attract dirt. The TCNA points out that the recommendation against bleach and acidic cleaners is aimed primarily at cement-based grouts and that epoxy grout is “virtually as stain proof as the tile.” The TCNA also points out that many tile and grout companies carry specialized products designed for cleaning tile and grout without presenting the risks often associated with bleach. For any cleaning purpose, PH Neutral Cleaners will always be the best choice.

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Starlike grout and other Litokol grout products, including many safe tile and grout cleaners. Included in our line of cleaners is the Tile Doctor’s Advanced Tile and Stone Cleaner, and Litokol’s LitoStain Cleaner, and LitoClean Evo. These products are a part of the detergents and surface treatment products the Tile Doctor carries. These products are made for cleaning tiles effectively with no negative impact on the environment or on consumers. This means effective tile and grout cleaning without harsh chemicals that can damage your tile installations.

Tile Doctor's Cleaners
The Tile Doctor also carries Starlike epoxy grout. Starlike is the finest, safest, most durable grout on the market. Starlike grout is able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This makes it ideal for moist environments or environments where there is high humidity. It’s non-toxic and completely safe for installers and for the environment. Additionally, Starlike epoxy grout is easy to clean without using bleach. This is because it is highly resistant to stains.

Starlike epoxy grout also comes in 159 colors and textures, making it the perfect grout when you want to focus on not only durability but aesthetics. With the range of color collections available, you’ll find the perfect color or texture for you tile or mosaic project. Whether you’re looking for subtle classic colors like those found in our Starlike Classic Grout Collection or hotter colors like those found in the Glamour Grout Collection, you’ll find a color to fit any theme or style. We even carry specialty colors that include the Metallic Grout Collection for bringing the look of metals to your project. If you’re looking for something with a bit more sparkle, there’s always the Crystal Glass Grout Jewels Collection. Starlike epoxy grout has a color or texture for any design scheme.

When you’re looking for the best epoxy grout on the market, choose Starlike epoxy grout and don’t worry about having to use harsh chemical cleaners to keep your grout clean. If you have questions about Starlike grout or any of our tile and grout cleaners, give us a call us at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We are always happy to answer any questions you have about the products we carry or any tile installation questions you may have.

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